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Two Wheel Bike Mover

Australian made motorbike dolly
rusted by many Australian bike riders for over 20 years

"I am so happy. It works great! Your Two Wheel Mover is the greatest. Works perfectly, well constructed, thanks again!" - Pat L.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could park you bike on a platform and move it freely into the perfect spot?

We thought we'd do something about that and make it real. We have added to the development of the Motor Mover a single wheel platform.

To park the bike on the mover, just lock the castors, roll the bike on the mover and put the bike in first gear. Then, rest the side-stand on the side-stand carrier. Unlock the castors and you are ready to move you bike. No lifting or dangerous acrobatics required.

Its compact size takes up little space in your garage and is specifically designed to prevent excessive strain on your back.

You can fit the components to your liking. Each part is versatile and easy to modify. Each component is available separately and can be combined with the Motor Mover and Side Arm.


-For all bikes up to 350kg with a side stand

- Maximum wheel base length 1840mm (longer distance on request)

-4 total-lock twin swivel ball-bearing castors

-Fully adjustable to suit each individual bike configuration

-Easy to connect and remove with lynch pins

-Easy handling as the front wheel of the bike stays fully mobile and manoeurvrable, with the rear acting as a pivot point

-Black aluminium treadplate (upon request)

Shipping Costs per Mover:

Courier to Metro Melbourne: $15.00
Courier to Metro Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra or Hobart: $28.00
Courier to Metro Brisbane or Perth: $38.00
For locations not listed above, please select "send me a shipping quote" at checkout.
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List price: $425.00
Weight: 22 kg
Dimensions: 58 cm × 48 cm × 17 cm
SKU: TW-Mover