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How do your Mover Movers compare to other bike dollies on the market?

We have been producing our Movers in Australia since 2002, so we have been around for a while.

Though many others import copies of our products from overseas (eg. China) we perfer to support Australian suppliers. All of our mover plates are cut, formed and plated locally. 

The twin wheel castors on our movers are German made as we could not find locally made castors to suit our load and performance requirements.

Many competing products are welded constructions using 5mm and 6 mm steel. Our movers are profile cut and formed out of a single 8mm or 10mm steel plate without any welding, resulting in a stronger and more durable product. 

Another big difference between our products and those of others is our weight ratings. In some cases you may find no specific rating or something nonspecific such as "suits 250kg bike".

If you only park the rear wheel and side stand on the dolly a light-weight dolly may suffice, however parking your bike's centre stand on these dollies may cause the plate sag if too weak. 

The Becker Motor Mover 300 has an applied load capacity of 320kg. If you use this mover with a side arm your bike could weigh as much as 600kg, given only part of this weight is transferred to the platform.

In other words, bikes with only the rear wheel parked on a mover can be twice as heavy as those using a centre stand.

If you'd prefer to park your bike using a side stand over a centre stand, the Side Arm can be added on individually or purchased with a mover (the MM300NS/PU).