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How do I choose the right mover?

There are two main criteria to consider when shopping for a mover;

Firstly, does your bike have a centre stand?

If it does, the Mover 300 or Mover 400 will suffice, depending on the bike's weight class.

If not, the Mover with Side Arm (MM300NS or MM300PU) and the Two Wheel Mover are side stand compatible.

Secondly, what is your preference?

If your bike has a centre stand but you'd rather "roll-on & roll-off", the Mover with Side Arm or the Two Wheel Mover could be your mover of choice.

In general, the Mover 300 and Mover 400 are the preferred choice of our customers.

If you are still unsure just give us a call on 0425 739 750 and we would be happy to guide you in your decicion making.