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HD Sportster Lifter


This lifter is specially designed for the Harley Davidson Sportster series. The lower frame bars on this bike are very close together that only custom made lifters provide a secure lifting operation.

Great for doing an oil change, cleaning the wheels, or just to get the weight of the tyres when storing your bike. This small but strong lifter does a great job.

How it works:

The lifter is placed underneath the bike in a tilted position. With the lifter in the desired position, the lever is pushed down on, lifting up the bike. The lever can then be detached from the lifter for easy working around the bike.

If you want to lift the front of the bike place the lifter towards the front. To lift the rear, place the lifter closer to the rear.

To dismount, just push the bike forward as is commonly done to disengage the centre stand. 


Easy and secure lifting on the lower frame bars

Lifting bar pans are covered with a protective felt mat avoiding scratches to your bike

Adjustable lifting heights: 200 and 230mm.

Selective raising of front or rear wheel

With 4 Nylon wheels for strain les operating

Wheels have a combined load capacity of 600kg

Includes lever arm 500mm long, for attachment on ether side of the lifter

Suitable for use in combination with the Castor Set

Electroplated, robust and fully assembled



List price: $167.00
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 28 cm × 14 cm × 48 cm