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Two Wheel Mover

I bought the Two Wheel Mover for my BMW 1600GT, well over 300 kilos.

Works a treat, lets me spin it around and push into spaces I didn’t think I could use. It is still a heavy bike to push, but 100 times less effort than it was on its own to move around the garage.

Great product, thanks again for the quick delivery.

Recommend to anyone.


-Scott, ACT

Motor Mover 300P

With the Vespa you have to run the back wheel up onto the mover platform and the stand will come done to sit perfectly near the front of the platform. Works great every time with little effort.

No more thousand point turns to get the scooter up against the wall of the garage beside my car. No more running the brake lever or rear vision mirror along the wall.

Excellent, one of the best garage toys I’ve bought for some time.

-Murray, NZ

Rocket 3 Lifter

It works absolutely great and makes lifting the bike a breeze. The product is also very well made. l couldn't be happier and will be telling my mates what a great product the lifter is. So thanks again for the Becker lifting stand.


-Rick, WA

Front Wheel Mover

Hi Win, the Movers all arrived safe and sound and I've already put them to work... It really is wonderful to have them as it allows me to get six bikes into the space I'd normally use for three and with the front wheel extensions in place I can move the bikes around super easily. Many thanks again for a great Aussie product.

-Bill, ACT

Motor Mover 300P

Thank you Andy for your reply and organising delivery so promptly. This is my second Mover 300P I've ordered in the last 12 months. I was so impressed with the first one I've now ordered another for my second bike; great devices in the small storage space I have.

-John D

Motor Mover 300

Great to catch up with you and your team at last week's Australian Motorcycle Expo in Melbourne. Of particular note was the opportunity to provide feedback to you on my Motorcycle Mover which I bought for my R1150RT earlier this year. With panniers loaded this bike weighs in at over 300 kilos and with a rise in the driveway the reversing manoeuvre to put it away was starting to take the fun out of a day's riding through the Adelaide Hills - if you know the area then you get the idea. Now I simply ride the bike straight into the garage and on to the pre positioned Motorcycle Mover. I then place the bike on its centre stand and easily spin it around ready for the next ride day - a great saving in effort. Two other benefits I have discovered: when cleaning I just 'wheel' the bike through to the backyard patio and just rotate it on the mover as required; and when I need space in the garage the bike is easily moved sideways into the corner and out of the way.

Again thanks for the chat and thanks for a great product.

- Paul W
Motor Mover 300
....I just bought a new Honda VFR 800FI (Interceptor). My father has a Motor Mover he uses for his BMW and I think you have a GREAT product! Once again, Thank you very much for your help.

- Kevin, California, USA

Motor Mover 300
....The mover has made a great difference to the storage problem I had. Although I have a double garage I need to maximise my floor space. The Motor Mover makes it so much easier to manoeuvre my bike into the space I have available. If I only had this mover earlier, it would have saved me some scratches on my car.

- Max B, Victoria. Australia

Motor Mover 300
Hi Win, Thanks for the "Bike Mover" - been using it for a while now and it's proving to do just what I wanted. For your interest, I found out about the mover when, while looking at suitable castor wheels with an idea to make something similar, the shop owner said he had seen your add in a "Two Wheels" magazine. After looking at the ad and visiting your web site I took the plunge but had some lingering doubts that the mover would prove rigid enough for the weight of the R1100RT (I thought the base plate might deform enough to scrape the floor). I'm very happy to say though that it's working fine. Definitely a quality product.

- Steve Craig

Cruiser Lifter FL
Dear Win. Just wanted you to note that I am extremely happy with my purchase. IT DOES A PERFECT JOB. Strong and well made. Easy to use and stores on a shelf. Thankyou so much for attending to me after hours. Look forward to doing more business with you. I have friends interested that I will recommend to you.

- John Groeneveld

Harley Sportster Lifter
Hi, just thought that I would give you a bit of feedback on the sportster lifter that I have recently purchased from you. It works a treat, I can now do a service or remove either wheel without having to take off the front muffler to use a stand, which I previously had to do. I would recommend it to any sportster owner.

- N Hanning

RNineT Lifter

Hi Win, The R9T lifter arrived today, I have already tested it, nice, simple and efficient, would happily recommend it to other R9T owners, many thanks.                                           - Gary L.

RNineT Lifter

Hello Winfried,

I received the Becker Lift today. I put it together and gave it a test lift. Exactly as you advertise, excellent!

Best regards.                                             -                                          David L. USA      Sent from my iPad


Motor Mover 300P

I have been extremely happy with the centre stand dolly.  I have a Honda ST1100 which has to ridden into a single garage and then turned around 180 degrees to be ridden back out.  Turning the ST1100 is a breeze with the centre stand dolly.  The finish and quality of the product is top notch.  

-Ian W
Motor Mover 300
Hi Win, The latest Mover 300 that I have got from you is really good with the ball bearing castor wheels. I can spin the bike around on a five cent piece. This is the fourth Mover that I have bought from you as cost of the Movers as opposed to having to build a double sized man-cave is a "no brainer". I will probably buy a fifth one shortly. Great product, well done.

-Peter Weallans, NSW

Motor Mover 400P

Good afternoon Win your dolly just arrived very impressive. Have just used it, all ok just have to do a little practice. Thank you for your Quick service kind regards.

Graham McL. NSW

Motor Mover 300 plus Side Arm

Hi Winfried, I received the motor mover and side arm. I have put it together and it is the best thing ever. I am very happy with it and will be letting all my friends know where I got it. Thank you for your concern and speedy delivery. Best wishes to you and your buisness.

- Lester , NSW

Motor Mover 300
...I think the motor mover is fantastic! It does the exact job it is meant to do. I had tried another product with a hydraulic jack and even had the guy custom measure my bike for it. When he shipped it to me it failed... The problem with my bike (an XJ900) is the exhaust collector box is below the frame, so you can't use a jacking device. You also can't use race stands because of the shaft drive. I looked at one of the "drive on" hydraulic stands, but they were too expensive and took up far too much room in the garage. This is an excellent solution to a particular storage problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to another user. In fact, I am e-mailing your details to my other motorcycle riding friends.

- Mark M., Queensland

Motor Mover 300 have a really good product which stops the back breaking lifting of a 280 kilo bike.

- Mike O., Sydney

Motor Mover 300
Thank you for your e-mail. I received the mover on Tuesday. I have tried it and am quite impressed with it. The quality is good and it looks well made. Initially it was impossible to lift the bike onto the centre stand, but after running the front wheel onto a 20mm piece of board it was quite easy. It seems to have solved my problem of getting the bike around into tight spots in the garage. Thanks for your help, it's good to do business with reliable people. I might pass my thoughts onto the Ulysses noticeboard later after more trials.

- Ron Jones

Motor Mover 300
Dear Winfried, just a note to let you know that I have used the Mover 300 to manoeuvre my bikes around my shed. Space is tight & it used to be a major operation to relocate them but with your mover it is really easy to position them precisely. It has saved me doing myself damage from manhandling the bikes to get them into position. It is a great piece of equipment. I am really pleased I bought it at Geelong the Ulysses AGM. 

Motor Mover 300
Chris Smith is the president of BEARS Australia Motorcycle Racing Club Inc. He purchased one of our Movers and as it has helped him a lot. He thought he would share his thoughts with other bike riders. The BEARS have done a great job with their web site. If you want to check them out go to: You might even want to get in touch with them and consider joining the club.
Two Wheel Mover

Hi Guys, I am so works great your 2 wheeler mover is the greatest. Works perfectly, well constructed, thanks bike friends loves the idea, u might get more orders.

My bike is 03 Roadking Classic                                                                           - Pat L.

Motor Mover 300 with Side Arm
wow, what an awesome mover it is. Took a sec to get the confidence to move the bike but once i did it's amazing. I love it and the workmanship is second to none.  Beautifully made.  Thank you.     - Tanya P. QLD