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Centre Lifter (OUT OF STOCK)


This lifter is specially designed for bikes that have solid accessable pick up points, such as:

  • Honda: VTR1000, CBR900(early model)
  • Triumph: Speed triple
  • Moto Guzzi:  V10 & V11 Centauro, 1100 Sport
  • Suzuki: SV650, TL1000
  • and other models

How it works: Select a firm connection point such as engine mounting bolts. Place a socket with ½ inch drive on the bolt/nut. Then put the lifter pivot ends inside the socket and tighten the wing bolt of the lifter frame. When the lifter is firmly clamped to the bike, the bike can be lifted, as you would with a centre stand.

If you want to lift the front of the bike, place weight on the rear of the bike and vice versa.

To dismount, just push the bike forward, as you would normally do when disengaging the centre stand.


Easy and secure lifting on the lower frame bars

Adjustable width to suit a range of models

Adjustable lifting heights: 200 and 230mm

4 Nylon wheels reduce point pressure on the floor

Wheels have a combined load capacity of 350kg

4 Nylon wheels for strainless operating

Electroplated, robust and fully assembled

  • Sockets:
  • This lifter is designed for  ½ inch drive sockets from a socket set. These can be supplied with the lifter for between $6 - $12. Please check which size you need for your particular bike.
    Moto Guzzi V10, V11 and 1100 Sport, use 18 mm sockets.



List price: $167.00
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 35 cm × 14 cm × 48 cm