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Castor Set


This add-on to the Compact Lifter allows the motorbike to be moved around once lifted off the ground.


Compatible with the entire Compact Lifter range, this add-on provides for forwards, backwards and rotational movement once the bike has been lifted, through the addition of set of castor brackets with twin-swivel lock-and-brake castors.

Installing this add-on to your Compact Lifter is a simple matter of removing the original castor bolt, positioning the castor brackets between the outer wheels and the lifter base, then fastening the new, longer bolt.


How it works:

The lifter is placed underneath the bike in a tilted position with brakes applied. When the lifter mounting shafts line up with the holes in the engine sump, the lifter shafts are inserted in to the holes and are secured with a wing bolt. With the lifter in position, the lever is pushed down on, lifting up the bike. The lever can then be detached from the lifter for easy working around the bike. Brakes can then be released and the bike can be moved.

To lift the front, place some weight on the rear seat or on the panniers.

To dismount, simply push the bike forward with your foot infront of the front castor wheels. To lift the front, place some weight on the rear seat or on the panniers.



Allows the motorbike to be moved forward, backwards, and rotationally

Robust, electroplated construction

Easy installation

2x Twin-swivel lock-and-brake castors


Package contents:

Two castor brackets with lock-and-brake wheels 

All required nuts, bolts and washers



List price: $119.00
Weight: 3 kg