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BMW R Nine T Lifter with Castor Set


Our most popular Lifter, with one major difference!

This lifter allows the bike to be lifted off the ground and to be moved around while lifted.

This lifter series is designed for bikes with low pick-up points, such as the BMW R Nine T including R nineT, R nineT Pure, R NineT Scrambler, RnineT Urban G/S. It picks up on the two holes at the rear of the engine sump casting and allows the user to move the bike once lifted.

How it works

Place the lifter underneath the bike in a tilted position with the bike in first gear. Line the lifter mounting shafts up with the holes in the engine sump. Insert the lifter shafts in to the holes and secure with wing bolts. With the lifter in position, push the lever down, lifting up the bike. The lever now be detached from the lifter for easy working around the bike. Release the brakes on the lifter and move the bike.

To lift the front, place some weight on the rear seat or on the panniers.

To dismount, simply push the bike forward with your foot infront of the front castor wheels. To lift the front, place some weight on the rear seat or on the panniers.


Easy and secure lifting on the frame lugs

Bike can be moved once lifted

No tools are required

Raising of front or rear wheel

4 Nylon wheels, colour white or black, reduce point pressure on the floor

2 lock and brake castors 

Wheels have a combined load capacity of 300kg

Includes lever arm extending to 600mm long, attachable on either side of the lifter

Suitable for long-term bike storage

Compact design for easy transport and storage

Easy assembly and disassembly

Electroplated and robust

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List price: $247.00
Weight: 8 kg